RNA Leaders

Leadership Team for 2013-14

  • Martha Berryhill
  • Ken Enockson
  • Jim Laschkewitsch


  • Institutions – Ken Enockson and Jim Laschkewitsch
  • Webmaster –  Chuck Solly
  • Membership – Martha Berryhill and Connie Norheim

Your involvement in the RNA and its work is welcome and encouraged.   There are several opportunities to take an active part in the RNA such as

  • helping with events such as the gardening night and the annual soup supper (February each year)
  • attending Planning Commission or City Commission meetings when agendas include items related to our neighborhood and its well-being
  • participating in park clean-up ( Roosevelt and Johnson Parks)
  • working on the neighborhood newsletter (twice a year)

If you are willing to participate in any of these activities or if you have suggestions or questions, please contact RNA leadership team at rooseveltneighbor@myroosevelt.org